August 14, 2016

Senegal in the top 10 countries with a healthier diet in the world

Belgium is the only country in Western Europe to be in the top 10 countries with the population eats the least healthy in the world. According to the ranking compiled by researchers at Cambridge University, Belgium is third behind Armenia and Hungary on the podium of champions of junk food.

The study was conducted under the direction of Dr. Fumiaki Imamura and published in the Lancet Global Health journal.

According to the document, Chadians, who eat many fruits and vegetables, are the inhabitants of the planet that eat as healthy, while the Armenians are those whose eating habits are the worst.

The study also found that, worldwide, people tend to consume more fruits and vegetables. However, the number of ingested unhealthy products is also increasing.

To reach these conclusions, the researchers used national data from nearly 90% of the world population between 1990 and 2010. They then identified three basic diets. The first was composed of ten healthy foods (fruit, vegetables, peas, nuts, cereals, milk, polyunsaturated fatty acids, fish, omega 3 and fiber). The second was in September unhealthy foods (raw red meat, cooked meat, sodas, saturated fats, vegetable oils, cholesterol and sodium). The third combined the first two foods.

On this basis, they assigned a score from 0 to 100 in each country, the highest number approaching the healthiest diet.

The study shows that people with the highest incomes (USA, Canada, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand) consume both healthy foods and food worse.

Sub-Saharan African countries and some Asian nations, including China and India have made significant progress over the last twenty years. But countries whose people eat more healthily are the poorest countries, such as Chad and Mali.

Countries that consume the most unhealthy products are, in order, Armenia, Hungary, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Argentina, Turkmenistan, Mongolia and Slovakia. The countries of the former Soviet Union are also among the worst performers.

Countries that feed best are Chad, Sierra Leone, Mali, Gambia, Uganda, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Israel and Somalia.

Taking into account age and sex, the researchers found that older people ate more healthily as young people and women more than men.

According to Dr. Imamura, improving eating habits has a crucial role to play in the fight against noncommunicable diseases in 2020 will account for 75% of deaths.

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